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The Digital Nation

There is a world of opportunity that awaits you at UNIMY


The Digital Nation

There is a world of opportunity that awaits you at UNIMY


2023 December

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Graduates employed within 6 months in IT related jobs


Higher starting salary than market average


Programmes to choose from

Foundation ⚬ Diploma ⚬ Degree ⚬ Postgraduate ⚬ 

Foundation ⚬ Diploma ⚬ Degree ⚬ Postgraduate ⚬ 

Foundation ⚬ Diploma ⚬ Degree ⚬ Postgraduate ⚬ 

Foundation ⚬ Diploma ⚬ Degree ⚬ Postgraduate ⚬ 

Foundation ⚬ Diploma ⚬ Degree ⚬ Postgraduate ⚬ 


Our students create a vibrant and inclusive community

Why Choose UNIMY

Located in Petaling Jaya (PJ) City Centre, Selangor, students will benefit from an exceptional academic experience set within the well-renowned science, technology, and innovation hub. UNIMY’s lecturers are comprised of a diverse group of experts from the various industries with specialisations in UNIMY’s eight focus areas. Our ethos of high-quality teaching and learning, leading edge curriculum and work readiness skills, combined with a vibrant student experience will be the key to unlocking your true potential. This is where you will gain fundamental knowledge and practical experience, as well as become competent enough to take on the challenges that come with IR 4.0.

Industry Focused

The teaching & learning, as well as research are driven by and relevant to the industry.

8 Focus Areas, 13 Programmes

Specifically tailored to prepare students for Industry 4.0, encompassing all the leading and emerging digital technology areas.

Teaching Excellence

UNIMY lecturers with industry experience and exploiting transformative teaching and learning approaches and techniques.

International Outlook

UNIMY strives to present itself with international character in terms of students, staff, and research through enriched international collaborations.

Leading Edge Curriculum

Benchmarked against best practices of top-notch global IT schools, UNIMY assures a high-quality standard of its education, in terms of contents and delivery.

100% Graduate Employabilty

All our students are employed within 6 months after graduation with competitive salary.


Going to university is a life-changing experience. The UNIMY experience is synonymous with comfortable living and aims to provide opportunities for students to have a healthy social lifestyle.

Our campus provides sports facilities for greater well-being and an environment that promotes a conducive learning experience. We want our students to enjoy campus life to the fullest and have the best time of their lives!

University Malaysia Of Computer Science And EngineeringUNIMY is One Of Malaysia’s Computer Science And Engineering Education With 100% Employability. Lecturers with Industry Experience. Premier Digital Facilities.

What Employers Says
About Our Graduates

What They’re Saying

Student I hired is well educated with fundamentals required by the industry.
(Student: Chua Ji Xian - Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (BCS))

Tan Weh MingDirector - Mackendell Sdn Bhd

Danial has shown a high quality standards of work. Eventhough on internship, he takes his job seriously and completed all the task. The quality of work shows he is ready in the market..
(Student: Danial Danish - Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) (BSE))

Syed Zulhilmi Tuan SharifPomen Autodata SDN BHD

Excellent Performance
(Student: Nurul Hanan Binti Anuar - Bachelor of Business Administration (Management Information Systems) (Hons) (BBA (MIS)))

Mohd Hafizi Bin Abu HalipahHDA Integrated Solution SDN. BHD.

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