The UNIMY Advantage

Welcome to UNIMY and a world of endless possibilities!

If you’ve come this far in your search for the best qualifications, you would have discovered you have so much choice! And each of the qualifications we offer are specialised, focused and future-ready.

Here is the UNIMY Advantage that extends far beyond your very own specialised area of study:

1. Wide Range of Programmes

We offer programmes ranging from pre-university, to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You can choose from a wide range of majors such as computer and software engineering, information technology and cybersecurity, amongst others.

At UNIMY, you are learning from the best. Our commitment to superior teaching, innovative curriculum, and practical skills development is designed to unleash your full potential and prepare you to tackle the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

2. Award-Winning Institution

In our quest to transform lives through education, our initiatives and efforts have been recognised not just at home, but on the global stage:

- The BrandLaureate Best Brand in Education (Digital Technology) – 2023

- The Malaysia Technology Award for Online Services in Education - 2023

- The Robo Cup 2023 Best Participant Award in Simulation Challenge Category at Bordeaux, France.

- Best Presenter Award at The 3rd International Conference Health, Science & Technology - 2022

- Gold Medal for Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition (IIDEX) - 2016

3. Student Development

We offer a range of student development programmes and services geared towards enhancing our students' capabilities to thrive as professionals in their chosen fields of study.

  • Industry Advisory Board
  • World Industrial Network (WIN)
  • Internships
  • Mentorship
  • Field Trips
  • Career Talks
  • Industry Project
  • Apprenticeships

4. Earn Micro Credentials from the World’s Best Universities

We are the first institution in Malaysia to partner with Coursera, a leading global online learning platform, to offer full-scale blended learning that will improve your employability.

Through Coursera for Campus, our students and faculty get free access to over 4,600 job-relevant courses. You will learn in-demand digital skills, gain relevant professional development and showcase your character.

On completion of these short courses, you will earn certifications from the world’s best universities, including

- Yale University,
- University of Pennsylvania (Wharton Business School),
- Macquarie University,
- John Hopkins University,
- Duke University
- and leading tech giants like Google and IBM.

5. LinkedIn Learning

We have also partnered with LinkedIn Learning. This means our students have access to over 17,000 courses presented in easy-to-follow videos. These videos cover new skills and knowledge in areas like digital media & communication, leadership, management, digital transformation, education, marketing, branding and much more. They are designed to support our students at different stages of their student journey and boost employability on graduation.

After the student has completed each video lesson, he/she receives certification via a listing of their enhanced skill and knowledge in that particular course on their Linkedin account.

6. Learn Different

The Learn Different philosophy is a revolutionary idea that transforms the way education is delivered in the BAC Education Group. It is built on the four pillars of Learn, Work, Play & Impact.

The Learn pillar revolutionises the academic and learning aspects of your student experience, helping you build awesome competencies.

Our Play pillar gives you countless ways to get involved and curate a vibrant student experience of your own. With over 30 clubs and societies to choose from, health & fitness classes to join, a vast array of volunteering opportunities to discover, and numerous events to attend, you will never run out of things to do whilst building awesome character.

The Work pillar empowers you with a range of career-related skills to help you transition into the working world whilst facilitating direct access to top Malaysian employers and multinational companies. Our internship and apprentice programmes, along with our job portals are designed to help you build awesome careers.

Under the Impact pillar, we strive to make a positive difference to the lives and futures of the communities around us by creating socially responsible and sustainable initiatives that create real impact. You will become a catalyst for change and make a difference by building awesome communities.

7. 24/7 Access to the World’s Best Digital Resources

ABACUS supports you through the power of information, discovery and learning. Our collection includes eBooks, printed materials and online resources that are available 24/7, on-campus & off.

Our comprehensive library consists of materials from the most reputable sources and partners, and our online depository houses a library for each institution.

Our digital collection includes:

· ProQuest Journal & ProQuest eBook Central
· LinkedIn Learning
· Open Access Journals
· Open Access eBooks
· ProQuest
· VitalSource

8. State-of-the-art Facilities

You will enjoy outstanding facilities, ranging from cafes to gyms and study spaces, from libraries to sound, video and photography studios and music rooms. We have everything on campus to meet all your needs:

- Libraries
- BACStore
- Engineering Technology Lab
- Robotics Lab
- Gaming Studio
- Green Screen Studio
- Student Lounges & The Hub
- BAC Performing Arts Centre (BACPAC)
- BACteria and Restaurants
- MonsterFit Gymnasium & Swimming Pool

9. Industry Links and Partnerships

Over the years, we have fostered close working relationships with professional bodies, an impressive range of employers, from leading local and multi-national companies, to local government and NGOs.

Look out for our Innovation Hub, a launchpad for Malaysian start-ups and entrepreneurs, powered by global tech giants and designed to inspire Malaysia’s next generation of industry disruptors. 

10. Scholarships & Financial Aid

We believe that everyone should be able to learn, play, work and create impact in the digital economy. That’s why, we are delighted to offer you a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to ease your burden whilst living up to our ethos of transforming lives through education.

You can choose from various scholarships, PTPTN loans, EZ payment schemes, 0% instalment plans, and EPF withdrawals to finance your education.

11. Strategically-located Hybrid Campus

We have adopted new technologies to help you seamlessly switch from face-to-face learning at our physical campuses to online learning from the comfort and safety of your homes.

Our campuses in PJ are easily accessible by LRT, MRT as well as other forms of public transportation.

As we embark on the journey of transforming lives through education, one student at a time, we confidently guarantee each student at UNIMY that your life will undergo a positive transformation. Your skills and knowledge will be fortified for the future, enabling you to evolve into the globally competitive graduate you aspire to be. This embodies the true essence of the UNIMY Advantage!