Our Pioneering Partnership with Coursera

How does an education provider equip its students with job-ready for on-demand careers in challenging times? The answer is in our Learn Different approach to providing a holistic education ecosystem that transcends borders.

In 2021, BAC was the first education institution in Malaysia to partner with Coursera, a leading global open online course provider founded by Stanford University professors in 2012 with over 88 million learners worldwide.  

Through this partnership, you will gain free access to more than 4,600 job-relevant courses across diverse fields such as digital marketing, project management, cloud computing, data science, blockchain, computer science, and AI.  

This joint endeavour also focuses on Law, Hospitality, Business and Creative Communications and integrates Coursera content into the core curricula of our Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Masters’ programmes. 

Here are four advantages of our partnership with Coursera for Campus that will give you the competitive edge: 

Micro-credentials from the world’s best universities and companies: such as Yale University, Google, Macquarie University, IBM, John Hopkins University, and Duke University. All from a single platform, accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. 
Learn in-demand digital skills: such as multidisciplinary skills in data science, project management, and digital marketing. 

Relevant professional development: Gain skills, experiences and most importantly competencies that are highly sought after in the competitive global workplace.  

Soft skills that showcase character: Even the ability to speak confidently about a developed skillset can help guide interviewers and employers in the right direction. Specialisations and micro-credentials from world-class institutions provide a clear-cut example of what you know and what you can get done, above and beyond your course.