Applying For Your Student Visa

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Planning on studying in Malaysia?
Let’s get you started!

The process of planning to study internationally is exciting…
It may be your first time away from home,
And there are a LOT of different procedures to manage.
But don’t worry- we’ve got your back!


Sorting Your Visa Application

First, you will need to apply for a New Student Visa, and get your VAL- Your Visa Approval Letter.

Here’s how it works:

What You Need To Do:

What: Complete your student visa payment of RM 4,600.

When: 2 MONTHS before your course intake starts.

(I.e. If your course starts in September, you must complete your visa payment by July!)

What: : Provide the necessary visa documents to us.

When: After completing your visa payment.

Documents you will need to submit include:

1. A picture of yourself (dimensions: 35mm x 45mm) on a white background.

2. A copy of your passport* showing the following:
- Passport Data Page (Recommended passport validity duration is 12 months)
- All pages with visa information*
- The passport observation page (showing any extensions, clarifications of name and previous passport numbers).
- Special pass or exit stamp (if applicable)

3. Your letter of acceptance from your educational institution (We will provide this.)

4. Any previous academic certificates and transcripts

5. Health Declaration Form

6. A Personal Bond; this is signed as proof that you will adhere to immigration laws within

7. Payment for:
+ EMGS Visa Processing
+ Immigration Fees (where applicable)
+ Medical screening fee
+ Medical Insurance Premium (if purchased through EMGS)
+ Courier Fee for VAL if needed
+ iKad fee of RM 50 (if the card is to be couriered to your institution, it will cost RM 10 extra.)

*Please note:
- When making copies of your passport, use a maximum of two passport pages per A4 paper.

- If you are travelling from Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria & Yemen, you MUST provide a copy of ALL PAGES from your passport.

What: Ensure you are FULLY VACCINATED. (All vaccines types are accepted)

When: Before flying to Malaysia.

And that's that!

You're all done with preparing for your Visa Application.

So what comes next?

Once you’ve done your part, this is where International Student Office (ISO) steps in.

We will help you:

1. Create Your Student Visa Application via STARS (Education Malaysia Global Services), and prepare an invoice and offer letter from the university.

When: After you send us your documents.

2. Submit the necessary documents to obtain your EMGS approval letter.

When: After making the Student Visa application online.

3. Email your VAL, and confirm your entry into the country.*

When: Once your visa application has been approved. (This process will take 14 days from submission).

Once your visa application has been submitted, it will take 14 working days to be granted the Travel Authorisation and Visa Approval Letters. These will permit your entry into Malaysia*.

Please Note:
- If you ARE flying to Malaysia, you will need to send in your Accommodation Declaration Form for us to submit to the immigration office.
- If you ARE NOT flying to Malaysia- you will continue studying online via hybrid learning.

* IF your visa application is rejected, here is what happens:
- You will be informed as soon as possible by the ISO.
- The ISO will submit an appeal to EMGS (this is subject to the nature of the rejection).
-If applicable, the ISO will initiate the refund process.

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