UNIMY SRC Shares the Festive Spirit

Hari Raya Open House with UNIMY SRC!

Disisir diandam dengan cekap,
Potong rambut pelbagai gaya,
Puasa sebulan sudahlah lengkap,
Kita menyambut hari raya.

When the month of Syawal almost drew to a close, UNIMY SRC hosted their very own Hari Raya open house! The event was held in a potluck style, with guests bringing all kinds of delicious food, fit to feed a village!

To kick-start the evening, the president of the SRC gave an opening speech, welcoming everyone to the open house and wishing the best for all who came for the event. Next, UNIMY's registrar, Pn. Azizah Atdenan gave a welcome note, encouraging community and camaraderie between all students of the BAC Education Group.

The festivities then began!

Among the food item brought by participants were tomato rice, ayam masak merah, curry mee, pasta, and some desserts like brownies, cream puffs and cendol. The delicious spread of food showcased diversity, and as participants enjoyed the feast, they were treated to performance from UNIMY student Najwa! She sang a few Hari Raya songs, providing enough entertainment for the all who attended.

Next on the agenda was a Career Harmony talk by Ms. Ernie Ezarra Bahari. She shared the importance of choosing the right career based on one's personality, and guided the students in a personality test. It was an enlightening session, with students learning about themselves and careers that fit them.

The whole event was a smashing success, with everyone enjoying the food, drinks and company during the event. They also learned more about themselves.

If you're interested in what UNIMY SRC is doing, you can visit their Instagram to keep up with their latest events and endeavours!

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