Centre For Student Experience

The Centre for Student Experience (CSE) supports and guides students in achieving their academic and personal development goals while being able to live a balanced life. We provide a variety of comprehensive services that boost the intellectual, spiritual and emotional development of our students.

The primary goal of CSE is to offer a welcoming, challenging and encouraging atmosphere for students to succeed academically and personally. We understand that not everyone finds life at university to be an easy experience. For students to pursue their ideal careers, they must adjust to a new way of life while maintaining the necessary drive and motivation. This is one of the reasons to why we provide a variety of support services to aid students in overcoming some of the obstacles they could face while enrolled in our programme.


Accomodation & Transportation

For students in need of housing, we will give them a list of apartments and condominiums in the Petaling Jaya area that have a variety of rental prices. The presence of amenities like a gymnasium and swimming pool allow students to have an enjoy an active lifestyle.

Financial Aid

CSE will help students with the application process for PTPTN. Students who qualify based on terms and conditions are also provided with Zakat and scholarship bursaries. You may get in touch with the CSE department for further information.

Our Facilities

The UNIMY experience is closely associated with a pleasant living, with the goal of giving students the means to have a healthy social lifestyle. Additional perks for students at our city campus include free limitless WIFI and counselling services. Additionally, students can use MonsterFit, our gym as part of a regular and healthy lifestyle practice.

Student Clubs & Associations

The best way to meet new people, share interests and make new friends on campus is by joining our clubs and associations. Various activities are organised by our clubs to help enrich the student experience in UNIMY by enhancing their leadership skills while giving them a platform to gain knowledge, provide community service opportunities and support student-led initiatives.