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All international students must obtain a valid Student Pass and Visa to study in Malaysia. Here are the procedures information on applying for a visa and more.
You can apply for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes either through our Education Counselors, or our representatives and overseas recruitment partners. They can assist you with your application.

You can make an ONLINE APPLICATION, it’s easy, quick and we will guide you throughout your application, your letter of offer, visa application and we will facilitate your arrival and your first few days will be looked after by our Admissions and International office team.

It is strongly recommended that you do the application at least 2 months in advance of the Scheduled Intake. Visa process normally takes 6-8 weeks.

Application Procedure & Visa Information



Initiating your Application

Submit your application at HERE. Complete your application by uploading:

  • Two (2) sets of photocopy of your Passport with a minimum validity of 2 years (all pages) with certified true copy  (all pages).

  • Certified copies of your Secondary or Secondary Vocational School results & Graduation Certificate (including translated copies in English if the original documents are NOT in English)

  • 8 most recent passport-sized photographs (white background only) measuring 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm. The size of the photograph MUST be exact.

  • A completed Medical Report Form with Lab Test Report attached (translated to English if original statements are NOT in English). This document is OPTIONAL to minimize risk of rejection during the Health Screening Process on arrival.

  • Original copy of No Objection Certificate or Eligibility Letter (for countries under the Sub-Saharan Continent) Sub-Saharan Continent)

  • Original copy of Affidavit for name (if name indicate in academic results/ or any other documents are different from the name in the passport).​



​1. Upon Application: Registration fee of RM700 & EMGS Visa Application Fee of RM2,500 for all programmes (inclusive of processing fee, insurance fee, student pass fee, visa fee, medical screening fee, i-Kad fee and eVAL processing fee) are required and strictly non-refundable. EMGS renewal payment is RM1300 for each subsequent years.

2. Upon Arrival: International Enrolment and Administration Fees of RM5,000 & Full settlement of Year 1 All-inclusive Fees is required. All-inclusive fee is neither refundable nor transferable. Personal Bond of RM1,500 (subject to country of origin)

3. For payment made in foreign currencies equivalent, any shortfall due to adverse currency exchange rate may have to be settled by the student at the full discretion of UNIMY.

4. All above payment does not include accommodation and professional certification examination fee. However, accommodation can be arranged upon request at the Centre of Student Experience via email to:


5. Fees reflected in the “2020 Course Fees (International Student)” are applicable to new International Students registering for 2020 Intakes only.

6. All payment is to be made according to the quoted Malaysian Ringgit (RM) rates can be made in the form of credit card, bank draft, cheque and telegraphic transfer:

(a) UNIMY has partnered with Flywire, to streamline and simplify the experience when paying from an overseas account or credit card. With Flywire, students will be able to :

-Track payments from start to finish

-Save on intermediary bank charges, while ensuring that the University receives the full amount

-Access 24/7 multi-lingual & multi-channel customer support

Click here to start your payment.

(b) For telegraphic transfers, payment is made payable as per the bank details below:
Beneficiary’s Bank : Ambank Islamic Berhad
Beneficiary’s Bank Account No : 2342 0220 08474
Swift Code : ARBKMYKL.
(Please email the remittance advice proof of payment with student’s name as per Passport, intake and contact number to the Admission Department at upon payment)

7. Please refer to other terms and conditions stated in the application form.

Additional Documents for Transfer Students:

If you have previously studied in another higher education institution (college or university level) in Malaysia, additional documents needed are:

  • Cancellation of Visa & Release Letter (from former University/College/School).

  • Educational Certificates and Attendance Report (must be at least 80%+ attendance).

  • Your original passport for Special Pass (if you are currently residing in Malaysia and have a valid visa)


Once we receive your complete documents together with the All inclusive fee of RM3,200; we will submit your application to EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services).

  • Your student Visa Approval Letter will be subsequently processed – including submission to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Immigration Department via the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). Successful applicants will receive the Visa Approval Letter within six to eight weeks.

  • Once your Visa Approval letter is approved means your student visa has been approved and you will be notified via email with the necessary steps and guidelines. You can also check your application status at EMGS website and download the VAL(Visa Approval Letter). 

  • Students are required to apply for a Single-Entry Visa and endorse the Visa Approval Letter received at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/ Consulate/ High Commission before proceeding to travel to Malaysia.

Single Entry Visa

  • With the Visa Approval Letter, you may endorse a Single Entry Visa onto your passport at the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate in your country. Please bring along your Offer Letter, the Visa Approval Letter and your passport when you do your visa endorsement. When this is done, you’re all set to fly!


  • You must then inform UNIMY International Office of your flight details Seven to Ten (7-10) working days before your date of departure. Representatives from UNIMY will greet you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) / KLIA2.

  • Send your flight details to:

You are strongly advised to arrive in Malaysia at least one week before the intake commences to avoid missing the Orientation and International Student briefing. 

NOTE: Students will only be allowed entry (by the Malaysian Immigration) into Malaysia in the presence of a UNIMY representative.

  • Upon arrival, please proceed to Immigration counter for clearance. UNIMY Officer will meet you at the Arrival Hall. You are encouraged to immediately inform your family about your arrival.


Student is required to report to the university on the next working day after your arrival.You are required to make the full payment for first year tuition fee (payment details are attached in your invoice) as per the invoice.


  • Post-arrival Medical Examination IS A MUST. You will need to go for a Medical Check-up at EMGS appointed Clinics within 7 days of your arrival in Malaysia. Please meet our staff at the International Office and we will guide you on where to go for the medical screening.


Why Study in Malaysia​


The country and its people

Malaysia comprises Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Population of 32 Million people consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians and indigenous people. Two (2) people inhabit the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Though the official religion is Islam, other religions are widely practised too. Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Animism are only few of the religions in the country.


Why study in Malaysia

Malaysia has become a favorite and a choice of destination for tertiary education with over 40,000 international students from over 100 countries studying here in 2019. Malaysia has become a center for academic and higher education excellence due to the following reasons:-


Quality Educational Programmes

The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) provides guidelines and constant monitoring to ensure colleges and universities meet the highest standards in education and are internationally recognised.

Courses offered are up to date where it is aligned with industry needs and market relevance. With career-focused education, graduates from Malaysia have no problems seeking employment back in their home country. Besides, there are accredited degrees from various choices of world-renowned universities from the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada through their twinning programmes, articulation or branch campuses in Malaysia.


Lower Cost of Living and Tuition Fees

One of the main reasons why study in Malaysia is that the tuition fees of high quality programmes are very reasonable and highly affordable. The low cost of living is contributed mainly due to the ringgit value which is lower compared to other currency, thus resulting in enormous savings by the students. For example, a student can live comfortably for just about RM 1,000 – 1,200 per month (USD 250 – USD 320 per month)


Breakdown of Cost per Month for a Student Studying in Malaysia

-       Accommodation: RM 400 – RM 550

-       Food / housekeeping: RM 400 – RM 450 (assuming 3 meals per day)

-       Clothing: RM 60 (washing, ironing, dry cleaning, etc)

-       Public Transport / Grab services: RM 30 – RM 50 (depending on the distance)

-       Mobile Phone Bills: RM 50 – RM 80

-       Books, Reading Materials and Stationery:  RM 50 – RM 100

-       Personal Expenses: RM 200 – RM 300


Part Time Work While Studying

The law in Malaysia allows students to work for 20 hours per week while studying as a part time job. This will provide an opportunity for students to earn extra pocket money to buy books and for other leisure activities.


Courses Are Conducted in English

English is the primary medium of instruction for all courses and programmes conducted at the private higher educational institutions. For those whom are less proficient in English language, there are many schools and institutions offering basic English language courses.


Multicultural Study Environment

International students studying in Malaysia will get to experience living in a plural and multicultural society. The diverse ethnicity in Malaysia will enrich students’ understanding of different cultures, ethnic groups and traditions of the people in Malaysia.

Apart from mixing with Malaysian students, international students are also exposed to other students from different nationalities.

Safe & Comfortable Place to Study

Malaysia is geographically safe country free from natural disasters, with its modern infrastructure and efficient transportation system, Malaysia makes a safe and comfortable place to live and study.


Life at Cyberjaya & Putrajaya


Experience living in Malaysia's premier cybercity: a hub for ICT, multimedia and innovation, and the heart of R&D for advancing new technologies. Located close to the top MNC headquarters and in a beautifully green landscaped environment, UNIMY is a truly ideal tertiary campus for balancing between studies and lifestyle.



Cyberjaya is a self-contained intelligent city with world-class ICT infrastructure, low-density urban enterprise, as well as state-of-the-art commercial, residential, enterprise and institutional developments.

The planning was made in such a way to provide comprehensive infrastructure with principal emphasis on its enterprise and office development as the catalyst for the growth of ICT enterprises and the multimedia industry.

Today, Cyberjaya is home to many multinational companies such as Shell, HP, Ericsson, BMW, HSBC, DHL and many more. The township also provides a conducive living environment with convenient amenities such as hotels, recreation centres, community club-houses and more.



Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. It is easily accessible via major highways, with direct access to major cities via Putrajaya Sentral. Its centrepiece is a 650-hectare, man-made lake that stretches across the urban area. Putrajaya has excellent facilities, modern infrastructure and good transport links. It is located in the Multimedia Corridor, that enables it to benefit from a highly efficient broadband IT network, offering a very attractive living and studying environment for the vibrant student population that is steadily growing in the city.


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