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Centre For
Student Experience

The Centre for Student Experience (CSE) helps to educate and facilitate students to have a balanced life as well as to excel in both academic and personal development. We provide comprehensive services and facilities that boost the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development of our students.

The main aim of CSE is to provide a supportive, friendly, and challenging environment for academic success and individual development. We understand that being a university student might not be easy for everyone. Students need to adapt to a new lifestyle while retaining the right momentum and spirit to achieve their dream careers. This is one of the reasons why we offer a range of support services to help students to cope with some of the challenges they may encounter while studying here.


Accommodation & Transportation

We will provide a list of units and apartments around here in Petaling Jaya with a range of rental rates for students needing accommodation. Students can enjoy an active lifestyle with facilities such as a swimming pool, and gymnasium.

Financial AID

For PTPTN, CSE (Centre for Student Experience) will assist students regarding the application process. UNIMY provides Zakat to students who are entitled based on the terms and conditions. For further inquiry please contact CSE (Centre for Student Experience) Department. We also provide scholarship bursary to students based on terms and conditions, for more info please liaise with Marketing Department.

Our Facilities

The UNIMY experience is synonymous with a comfortable living and aims to provide opportunities for students to have a healthy social lifestyle. Students also will get other benefits such as free counseling service, free unlimited WIFI, etc. To add, students can also use the gym for a healthy lifestyle routine on a daily basis.

Student Association

UNIMY has many interesting activities for students organized by our SRC (Student Representative Council) and we have clubs that students can join such as E-Sports Club, Cybersecurity Club, Photography Club, etc.

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