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It is undeniable that the spread of COVID-19 has negatively impacted many sectors around the globe. Since many businesses are struggling to stay afloat and keeping the organizations intact during this tough time, many students are finding it difficult to secure internship placement.

Student internship and graduate employment has always been a concern to UNIMY; thus, the university is doing its very best to prepare and assist all students to be geared up for their careers. Riding on the strong academic and technical expertise, UNIMY aims to foster and produce tech talent and highly skillful graduates who can contribute to the development of the D-Virtual Park, the first ever Borneo Virtual Reality Theme Park at Kota Samarahan developed by Serba Dinamik through Serba Dinamik IT Solutions Sdn Bhd (SDIT).

“The collaboration between UNIMY and the D-Virtual Park mainly focuses on supporting and assisting students to put into practice what they have learned at the university, while gaining real-world experiences through technology. Since students at UNIMY are required to do an internship before they could graduate and enter the working world, they will be given the opportunity to make the D-Virtual Park and any brands under SDIT as their internship placement,” said UNIMY Vice Chancellor Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Mohd Razali Muhamad.

UNIMY also has the vision to be the best innovative technology university and to produce graduates that will serve the needs of IR 4.0 and the nation. UNIMY produces the best graduates that comprises of coders, tech entrepreneurs, tech innovators, app developers and cyber security specialists that are always in demand and withholds our promise of 100% graduate employability.

From game developers, to programmers and 3D artists, UNIMY students will be able to experience various tech-related jobs and tasks at the D-Virtual Park. Students can also work together with experienced professionals to build new games and high-tech programs relevant to the theme of existing and upcoming virtual reality park. D-Virtual Park also offers job opportunities to students in which they may be turned into a full-time employee right after the internship period ended, or to UNIMY graduates who are struggling to find a job or seeking better employment.

In addition to the ongoing arrangement, UNIMY is also planning to make an appearance at the D-Virtual Park by incorporating the UNIMY corner and displaying UNIMY video for brand recognition.

UNIMY is on the verge of planning for the best state-of-the art Cyber Security and Gaming Labs which will be a technology playground for students to tinker around their ideas and dreams. UNIMY will be having open day on 8th of August 2020, at their campus in Star Central, Cyberjaya for parents and students to explore and preview the new campus facilities. For further information about UNIMY, check their website at or please contact 1300-88-5008 or [email protected]

Published in The Star Newspaper - 6 August 2020

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