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During the registration week, UNIMY had around 30 prospective students who came to register on the 18th of September. Our Counsellors assisted the students with the registration procedure and also the orientation on the 19th of September.

Many fun and exciting activities were organised during UNIMY’s Registration cum Orientation Week for new students from the 10th to 22nd of September to enable new students to experience university life on campus.

This includes the final round of UNIMY’s Enter the Matrix DOTA 2 Tournament, an activity organised to expose potential students to web development vs game development.

The tournament, which began earlier, took place through a span of two (2) weeks from qualifying rounds to semi-finals leading to the Grand Finals on the 18th of September.

The teams for UNIMY Enter the Matrix DOTA 2 tournament were Uniminions, UNIMY + 4, The Sinners, Shamanik, HereToFeed, Team Cecair, Monkas and Insane Monkeys. Congratulations to the Champions of the first ever tournament: Team Uniminions! They won the cash prize of RM 500 and laptop bags from UNIMY.

Through the tournament attendees learned how the game development industry may be considered a playground for creative minds, as it requires consistent innovation and original, interesting content. The core areas of game development include art, visual designing, game designing, programming, production, as well as marketing. The game development process includes concept generation, design, building, and testing. It requires programming language as developers write codes to determine how the computer will handle everything in the game, from the rules to the graphics. For example, AI programmers develop the responsiveness for computer-controlled opponents and allies based on a player’s actions while network programmers write the code that enables gamers to connect with gamers across the world online. In short, game development is not a walk in the park. It is not something that is achieved just by playing a lot of games. At UNIMY, those pursuing game development will learn through hands-on experience as they are given an opportunity to create and showcase their own work samples at the end of the programme. This provides students with a platform to exercise their talents and skills.

In contrast, a web developer has to develop, maintain, and fix a website based on the client’s requirements. Knowing different computer languages to use such as Python, HTML, PHP, and CSS, is important to bring a web design to reality. For example, a front-end developer uses CSS and HTML as the languages to give a website a particular look. A back-end developer gets information from databases to write core logic and mainly utilizes Node.js, Python, and PHP languages. As a web developer, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science can be advantageous.

Both game development and web development are promising fields offering several career opportunities to interested candidates.

From the sharing session, the main question raised was, is game development a good career?

As shared above, in game development understanding different programming languages is essential. If you have an interest in coding and you want to build a creative career, then game development can be a great opportunity for you. In this internet era, where web applications and android/ios applications are becoming an integrated part of our lives, the increased demand for video games has expanded the game development career and made more people opt for this as a career. Programming is the heart of game development Thus, those intending to pursue a career in game development must enjoy working continuously to construct and improve a game whereby the main task include writing codes and identifying the bugs as well testing, maintenance and debugging. If you like programming and also enjoy gaming, game development may be an awesome career to pursue as it can enable you to unleash your creativity and ride your passion as you’ve always wanted.

Schedule an appointment with our UNIMY team to learn more about UNIMY’s game development programme or read more about the programme’s curricula here.


UNIMY Registration Week

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