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The major highlight of UNIMY’s Open Day featured the launch of UNIMY’s Enter the Matrix DOTA 2 Tournament. The teams participating in the tournament were Allen’s Treasure Hunt Alien Invader, Enemy From The Outside, Destinee, Melaka Time Slip, 2D Mobile game (SISTER), The value of friendship, Pilot episod-animated trailer, Book of 1942, Hidden Guardian and Quarantine 3D.

Prospective students at UNIMY’s Open Day were able to discuss what is game development course all about with UNIMY’s academicians, staff as well as the 10 teams of students that were also there to showcase their final year game design project.

Game development is a fun and rewarding career that continues to expand with each passing year. It is a discipline that draws on and teaches many different skills and technologies. The games industry is colossal, with many different routes available to people with the right technical skills. It’s the ideal profession for those who want to build a career around their passion for games.  Whether you want to create a simple mobile app game or develop a rich, virtual universe, studying game development is the first step.

Creating games is far tougher than playing them. Knowledge of different programming languages such as C#, Javascript, and Lua enlarge options for building games. Another very important aspect of game development is 3D graphics. It is impossible to develop a video game without the use of graphics. For this reason, it is wise to learn the basics surrounding computer graphics as well as the mathematics behind 3D graphics. Linear Algebra is the most common type of mathematics that is used for creating and manipulating 3D graphics. Mastering concepts such as linear equations, vectors, and matrices will be useful to better achieve the intended visual effects. A ready knowledge of multimedia development software such as Photoshop will unleash artistic muscles. Learning how to use engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine will enhance ability to create systems within those engines. Possessing strong technical and analytical talents is one aspect, however, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to operate in a group setting is crucial as well.

UNIMY’s programme produces creative game developers for desktop and mobile platforms who are capable of exploring game ideas through the infinite world of imagination and transforming them from concepts into virtual reality. Students will be exposed to core areas of game development such as art, visual designing, game designing, programming, production, as well as marketing. Students learn through hands-on experience as they are given an opportunity to create and showcase their own work samples at the end of the programme. This provides students with a platform to exercise their talents and skills.

So, where to start learning game development? UNIMY, of course…!

Schedule an appointment with our UNIMY team to learn more about UNIMY’s game development programme or read more about the programme’s curricula here.


Gaming@UNIMY Open Day

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