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UNIMY organised the Registration Week for the new students to be onboarded and attend the orientation week from the 10th to 22nd of September. The Finals for UNIMY Enter the Matrix DOTA 2 tournament took place on the 18th of September. The tournament took place through a span of 2 weeks from qualifying rounds, to semi finals leading to the Grand Finals.

TThe teams for UNIMY Enter the Matrix DOTA 2 tournament were Uniminions, UNIMY + 4, The Sinners, Shamanik, HereToFeed, Team Cecair, Monkas and Insane Monkeys. Congratulations to the Champions of the first ever tournament :Team Uniminions! They won the cash prize of RM 500 and laptop bags from UNIMY.

During the registration week, UNIMY had around 30 prospective students who came to register on the 18th of September. Our Counsellors assisted the students with the registration procedure and also the orientation on the 19th of September. Welcome new students of UNIMY!

UNIMY Registration Week

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