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"In a constantly evolving digital technology industry, an organisation, especially institutions of higher learning, cannot operate independently or be a ‘silo’. Smart collaborations must be formed to ensure optimal utilisation of limited resources."

Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Mohd Razali MuhamadNaib Canselor UNIMY

In response to the increasing need for higher education institutions to contribute towards the economic development of the country, universities are pushed to work hand in hand with the industry to deliver skilled and ready graduates. Through the collaboration, the industry will add value to its technological capabilities, whereas the educational institutions can become a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth.

As both education and industry are moving forward together as an inseparable entity, UNIMY has taken the initiative to form an Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to ensure programmes content, laboratory equipment and software, and professional practices meet the latest industry standards. The purposes of UNIMY IAB are listed in Image 1, below:

The first meeting of UNIMY IAB was held on 10 Sept 2020, where insightful feedback and suggestions have been shared by each panel. The sharing includes how UNIMY can improve its programmes and the importance of hands-on experience to equip graduates with the skills and expertise required to face the challenges posed in the IT-Tech industry.

While the collaborative efforts will aid in advancing the educational development at UNIMY, it will also help to address the skills scarcity needs among graduates. The members of UNIMY IAB comprises practicing professionals from the industry who will meet with the UNIMY upper management and academic staff to update on current professional practices, review current programmes, alert academics on emerging trends, and discuss improvements.

Nonetheless, students today must become lifelong learners as the skills obtained during university years may not be enough to remain competitive in the job market. Something that UNIMY students do not have to worry about as the university will keep on giving continuous support and helping all alumni whenever needed.

UNIMY IAB: Closing The Gaps Between Education and Industry

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