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& Associations

Student Representative Council
SRC 2023

Mohamad Iqmal Aiman Bin Mohamad Khir

The President

Phoebe Ng Xin Yue

Deputy President

Koguleswaraan Sundaran


Hilman Hannan Effendy Irfan Effendy


Amina Amanbek

Vice President of Student Welfare

Muhammad Muhriz Marzaidi

Vice President of Academics

Muhammad Nazhan Bin Noor Alaudin

Vice President of Activities & Sports

Muhammad Qayyum Iman Khairianto

Vice President Clubs & Entrepreneurship

The UNIMY Student Representative Council (SRC) aims to:

  • Represent and act in the best interests of all UNIMY students.
  • Promote an education system that provides equal access and opportunities for student success.
  • Encourage the use of knowledge and skills acquired through education for societal development and nation-building.
  • Support and uphold the vision and mission of UNIMY.
  • Serve as a bridge between students, management, and other stakeholders.
  • Promote positive ideals that enhance the reputation of UNIMY students.
  • Welcoming and orienting new students.
  • Foster unity and respect for diversity among students.
  • Support student governance and development by encouraging cooperation among student groups and coordinating joint activities.
  • Encourage academic excellence, community service, and a culture of research among students.


Those students who are interested to stand-out among others & become responsible members of the council will have to go through an election each year. In which, they are required to fulfill certain criteria of the discipline to nominate prior to elections, whereby, the following is applicable.


  • The student must possess Academic Cumulative Point Average of 2.5 and above at the time of their nomination
  • The student must be the current undergraduate UNIMY student
  • Nomination of a student with a disciplinary record not be accepted
  • Each candidate for election may nominate one person from their seconder/nominator to be present as the candidate’s scrutineer during vote counting process

Withdrawal of Nomination

  • A candidate may withdraw from UNIMY SRC Election at any time by submitting his withdrawal letter to the UNIMY SRC Election Committee within 2 hours after the announcement of first draft list of qualifying candidates for UNIMY SRC Election
  • A withdrawal letter submitted to UNIMY SRC Election Committee after the announcement of final list shall not be accepted


The campaign can only be started after the announcement of candidates officially done and must be discontinued upon completion of voting day


UNIMY SRC Election shall be held within 30 days after the dissolution


& Associations

The best way to meet new people, share interests, and make new friends on campus is by joining clubs and associations. All kinds of activities and interests are organized to help enrich the student experience in UNIMY by enhancing their leadership skills while giving them a platform to gain knowledge, provide community service opportunities, support student-led initiatives, and encourage volunteerism.

E-Sports Club

Opportunity for students to engage in electronic sports

Cybersecurity Club

with the technical resources to advance their computer security careers

Adventurous Recreational Club

Introducing students to outdoor activities with a group of peers


Help build links among the engineering students

Buddies Club

To learn about different cultures from each other

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