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Certified Professional
In Islamic Fintech In Malaysia

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Course Duration

5 Days
8 Hours Per Day
Total is 40 Hours


Scheduled Programme

Course Fees

The programme fees including Food, Accommodation  & Transport for each participant is RM5,000 per pax.


With the emergence of disruptive technology taking over brick-and-mortar financial institutions at an unprecedented rate, among the most sought-after and emerging financial technology is Islamic Fintech. This new-age digitalised banking solution has been utilised by a large segment of the Muslim and non-Muslim population in recent years. The foundation for launching Islamic Fintech within the Malaysian market is to propel an economic boom locally through an advancement in the digital readiness, sophistication of Islamic finance technology as well as a national ambition to embrace and expand a value-based intermediation (VBI) finance.

Mission & Vision


  • To provide thought leadership, best practices, and training in Financial Technology (FinTech) and Islamic Finance.
  • To promote best practices and carry out research on Islamic Finance and FinTech to bridge the gap between the academia and industry’s needs as well as to provide solutions to contemporary issues.
  • To encourage collaboration with renowned Islamic Finance institutions or global FinTech companies to elevate UNIMY to a greater height and achievement.


To be a well-known Center of Excellence and as the main reference for Islamic FinTech in Malaysia by 2030.


  • To prepare students with a strong fundamental knowledge in Islamic finance and key financial technologies using AI, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and other branches of IR 4.0 technology.
  • To provide students with the exposure to various fintech applications such as P2P Lending, Crowdfunding, Robo-Advisor, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Blockchain and other branches of IR 4.0 technology.
  • To prepare students to critically think of ways to solve various Islamic Fintech using real-life industry challenges and case studies.
  • To help mould students to embrace the Islamic fintech profession and are able to develop Islamic Fintech solutions.


The programme shall be conducted based on Hybrid mode covering the followings:

  • Lecture in Class or Online
  • Practical Exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Quiz
  • Video Presentation
  • Interviews with Subject Matter Expert.


The modules of the said programme are :

  • Module 1: Introduction to Islamic Fintech
  • Module 2: Design Thinking In Islamic Fintech Solutions
  • Module 3: Crypto-Assets, Blockchain & Smart Contract
  • Module 4: Alternative Finance & Crowdfunding
  • Module 5: Investment-Based Technology
  • Module 6: Takaful-Tech & Zakat-Tech
  • Module 7: AI & Machine Learning
  • Module 8: The Future of Islamic Fintech & Fintech Regulations


  • Create awareness and motivation among participants to seek the opportunity of making wealth in the new digital economy and  digital currency.
  • Encourage participants to make investment and create wealth using digital technology that are in compliance with Shariah requirements.
  • Encourage participants to be creative and innovative in producing Islamic Fintech products.

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