March 2020 UNIMY Open Month

7-8 March - Prepare for an IR 4.0 Career 1. Find out careers in IR 4.0 and how to get your dream job 2. Listen to a talk regarding the future of IR 4.0 Careers

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14-15 March - Cybersecurity Workshop 1. Participate in an exciting activity to explore concepts of cybersecurity 2. Listen to a talk regarding cybersecurity and its tech applications.

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21-22 March - Hour Of Code Session 1. Participate in an interactive coding activity that will introduce basic coding skills & get a #HourOfCode certificate instantly. 2. Listen to a coding expert talk about the principles of coding & its many applications.

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28-29 March - IoT Immersive Experience 1. Participate in a hands on activity to experience Internet of Things (IoT) 2. Listen to an IoT expert talk about the applications of IoT Technology.

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Weekday: 9.00am – 5.30pm

Weekend and Public Holiday: Close

Open Day: 10.00am – 5.00pm


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