Explore UNIMY Digital Technology Intensive Programme (UNIMY DiTIP)- Empowering the Tech-Savvy Genera

March 2021

Cyberjaya, Selangor -

In the new norm especially the current times, digital technology is a skill that is needed in all industries. The UNIMY DiTIP is a structured online programme that equip students with the fundamental skills in digital technology.

It also provides a unique opportunity for students who are looking to pursue their desired university qualification. Once students complete the courses, they can continue to relevant foundation or diploma programmes at UNIMY. UNIMY DiTIP is also an ideal programme for those who are looking to explore and enter the digital tech industry.

This programme is suitable for students who have completed the SPM, O-Level, Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM3) and individuals interested in upskilling and reskilling. It will be held from 5th April to 25th June 2021 online (3 courses will run concurrently) where the students will be exposed to the computing principles and will be able to credit transfer to other UNIMY Foundation and Diploma programmes.

The UNIMY DiTIP programmes subjects are:

1. Fundamental to Computing

2. Introduction to Programming

3. Introduction to Digital Arts and Design


1 Course – RM 500, 2 Courses -RM 900 and 3 Courses - RM 1200

Through the course fundamental to computing, students will be able to develop applications using .NET Programming, learn basic knowledge of computing and its application plus learn the importance of ethical values in computing while engaging in life-long learning. In introduction to programming, students will then learn a basic understanding of computer hardware, programs, and operation systems, develop applications using C Programming and learn the basic programmes of C language. Whereas in introduction to digital arts and design, students will learn the basic elements and develop effective designs using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Benefits of participating in the programme includes online and hands-on teaching in digital Technology, jumpstart your university life early on, gain a network of friends with common Interests, credit transfer to UNIMY diploma and foundation programmes, early exposure to industry and receive micro-credential certificate for each subject.

Knowledgeable lecturers will be giving guidance and mentoring for all participants of the UNIMY DiTIP programme.

“We guide the students to have fundamental and technical knowledge in different areas of computing such as fundamentals of computing, introduction to programming and introduction to Digital Arts and Design. This is to ensure the graduates are well equipped with fundamental and technical knowledge once they have graduated. By having the students to become all-rounder, it is easier for them to blend in the working environment as they have knowledge in vast areas of computing,” said UNIMY Dean of Academics, Muhammad Amin Sahari.

UNIMY will be having virtual E-open day on 20 & 21 March 2021 via FB live on its official Facebook Page @unimyofficial.

For further information about UNIMY, check their website at https://www.unimy.edu.my, or please contact 1300-88-5008 or enquiry@unimy.edu.my.



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