Why Upgrade to a Degree?

  • Get a prestigious internationally recognised qualification & fast-track your career progression!
  • Benefit from maximum credit transfers to join the second year of the undergraduate programmes.
  • Enhance your employability & global career mobility!
  • Gain a deeper understanding of crucial industry knowledge and key practical skills to become a more career confident global graduate.
  • The Practical Training module further augments your skills, practical knowledge with some of the industry biggest names!

Special Offer for Graduates of:

Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber Security)
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media
Diploma in Computer Science (Game Development)
Diploma in Information System (Business Computing)

Fast-Track into the Second Year of:

Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours
Bachelor of Multimedia (Interactive Media) with Honours
Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Science) with Honours
Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours
Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours
BBA (Management Information Systems) (Hons)
BBA (Financial Technology) (Hons)
Bachelor of Game Development (Game Technology) with Honours