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Dr. Nor Akmar
Mohd Yahya

IoT, Sensor Technology

Dr. Nor Akmar Mohd Yahya


Dr. Nor Akmar Mohd Yahya


PhD in Sensor Technology

Skills / Specialist

Sensor Technology / Optical Fiber / Photonics / Nanomaterial / Optical Communication / Optical Sensor


Research Interests

Sensors and Technology / Optical Fiber Sensor / Nanomaterial / Optical Fiber Communication / IoT


Nor Akmar M. Yahya received her B.Eng. (Hons) in Telecommunication and M. Eng. Sc. from University of Malaya in 2006 and 2012, respectively. She did her PhD in Sensor Technology under the Photonics System Engineering Laboratory of Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is now a Senior Lecturer at Engineering department and Head of Postgraduate at University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UNIMY). Her main research interests are optical fiber sensor, nanomaterial, optical fiber communication and IoT.

Research Student

1. N.A.M. Yahya, W.H. Lim, K.D. Dambul, S.W. Phang, H. Ahmad, R. Zakaria, F.R. Mahamd Adikan, Fabrication and characterization of a dual-layer multiple refractive index benzocyclobutene polymer platform for integrated optical devices, Optical Materials, Volume 34, Issue 11, September 2012. Pages 1735-1741, ISSN 0925-3467, 10.1016/j.optmat.2012.03.034.


2. Amirjan Nawabjan, Ahmad Sharmi Abdullah, Mohd Haniff Ibrahim, Norazan Mohd Kassim, Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, NorAkmar Mohd Yahya, Lim Weng Hong, Single-mode ridge waveguides based on vinyltriethoxysilane hybrid sol-gel material, Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Available online 8 March 2013, ISSN 0030-4026, 10.1016/j.ijleo.2013.01.002.

3. Nor Akmar Mohd Yahya, Mohd Rashid Yusof Hamid, Siti Azlida Ibrahim, Boon Hoong Ong, Norizah Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Rifqi Md Zain, Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Mohd Hanif Yaacob, Hydrogen Gas Sensing Using Optical Fiber-Based on MnO2 Nanostructures, Sens Actuators B: Chemical, Feb 2017.

4. Nor Akmar Mohd Yahya, Siti Azlida Ibrahim, Norizah Abdul Rahman, Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Mohd Hanif Yaacob, “Metal Oxide Based Optical Fiber For Methane Gas Detection”, The Pertanika Journal of Scholarly Research Reviews, UPM, Vol 3(2), pp. 97-101, 2017.

6. NF Idris, NAM Yahya, MH Yaacob, AH Idris, SW Harun, N Saidin, “Optical fiber coated Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanorods decorated with Palladium (Pd) for hydrogen sensing”, Optical Materials, Vol.96, 109291, 2019.
NAM Yahya, MRY Hamid, BH Ong, NA Rahman, MA Mahdi, MH Yaacob, “H2 Gas Sensor Based on Pd/ZnO Nanostructures Deposited on Tapered Optical Fiber”, IEEE Sensors Journal, Dec 2019.

7. AH Ismail, NAM Yahya, MH Yaacob, MA Mahdi, Y Sulaiman, “Optical ammonia gas sensor of poly (3, 4-polyethylene dioxythiophene), polyaniline and polypyrrole: A comparative study”, Synthetic Metals, Vol. 260, 116294, Feb 2020.

8. Abdul Hadi Ismail, Nor Akmar Mohd Yahya, Mohd Adzir Mahdi, Mohd Hanif Yaacob, Yusran Sulaiman, “Gasochromic response of optical sensing platform integrated with polyaniline and poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) exposed to NH3 gas”, Polymer, Vol. 192, 122313, March 2020.

1. Yahya N.A.M., Lim W.H., Phang S.W., Ahmad H., Zakaria R., Adikan F.R.M. Curing methods yield multiple refractive indexes of benzocyclobutene polymer film. (2011). Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 74, pp. 540-542.

2. 11th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC11), Shanghai, China. (14-18 November 2010). Paper full abstract titled Fabrication of bi-layer polymer waveguides using different processing techniques.

3. M.F Saaid, N.A.M. Yahya, M.Z.H. Noor, M.S.A. Megat Ali, A Development of an Automatic Microcontroller System for Deep Water Culture (DWC), 2013 IEEE 9th International Colloquium on Signal Processing & Its Applications (CSPA 2013), 8-10 March 2013.

4. S. N. M Ghazali, N.A.M. Yahya, S. Sulaiman, Characterization of Fiber Bragg Grating as Optical Temperature Sensor for Pipeline Water Leakage Inspection, 2013 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Engineering and Technology (ICSET 2013), 19-20 August 2013.

5. Participated in first UPM Photonics Research Group Colloquium organized by The Optical Society Student Chapter, UPM (2015), held at Puri Pujangga UKM and presented work entitled “Metal Oxide Based Optical Fiber for Gas Sensing Application”.

6. Participated in 4th International Symposium on Applied Engineering and Sciences (SAES2016) at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, and presented work entitled “Hydrogen Gas Sensing using Optical Fiber-Based on MnO2 Nanostructures”.

7. S.A. Ibrahim, M. Z. Abu Bakar, L. K. Chang, N. A. M. Yahya, M. A. Mahdi, “Tapered Multimode Fiber Coated with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Ethanol Sensing”, The 24th Congress of the International Commission for Optics, 20-25 August 2017, Tokyo, Japan.

1. Graduate Engineers – Board of Engineers Malaysia

2. GraduateTechnologist

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