Dr. Abdurrahman Bin Jalil


Dr. Abdurrahman Bin Jalil


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Skills / Specialist

Programming, Object-oriented Development, Cloud Computing

Research Interests

System Development, Mobile Application, AI, IoT


Publications, Conferences


1. Silver Medal - Malaysian Technology Expo 2020 (MTE 2020) – e-Hailing Trash App

2. Gold Medal & Commerce Dot Com Special Industry Award (Diamond) - Innovative Research, Invention and Application 2019 (i- RIA 2019), Universiti Utara Malaysia – e-Hailing Trash App for a Pollution Free Environment

3. Medal & Grant - Medipex NHS Innovation Awards 2015 (United Kingdom)

4. Bronze Medal - Islamic Innovation 2011 (i-INOVA’11), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia – (GeniusJawi- Year 1)

5. Bronze Medal - Malaysian Technology Expo 2011 (MTE 2011), Kuala Lumpur Convention Center - (iSpreadsheet)

6. Bronze Medal - Islamic Innovation 2010 (i-INOVA’10), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

7. Silver Medal - Invention, Innovation & Technology Expo 2010 (ITEX 2010), Kuala Lumpur Convention Center - (iMap)

8. MSU Best Software Project Development - (K-Jawi Software)

Journal articles:

1. Designing a mobile application to improve user’s productivity on computer-based productivity software - Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (2020)

2. The Impact of E-Wallets for Current Generation - Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems (2020)

3.The development of smartphone apps for ADHD kids with attention shortage hyperactivity ‘Anti-ADHD’ - Journal of Critical Reviews (2020)

4. An investigation into the requirement of mobile app for apartment residents - International Journal of Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (2019)

5. Pedagogical Requirements for Mobile Learning: A Review on MOBIlearn Task Model - Journal of Interactive Media in Education - UK (2015)

6. The Cooking Task: Making A Meal of Executive Functions - Journal of Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience - UK (2015)

7. Object Oriented Requirement Analysis for Developing iMap Mind Mapping Software - Journal of Communication and Computer - USA (2011)

Conference publications:

1. The development of a forum mobile application for students - IEEEXplore (2019)

2. Designing RecyclerApp: A mobile application to manage recyclable waste - Proceedings of the Conference on Managing Digital Industry, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CoMDITE 2019)

3. Improving design and functionalities of MOBIlearn2 application: A case study of mobile learning on Metalwork Collection of Millennium Gallery - Proceedings of IEEE (2016)

4. Mobile learning in a seminar or workshop: A case study for evaluating MOBIlearn2 basic components and their application - Article of Learning Technology Newsletter (IEEE TCLT) (2016)

5. GeniusJawi: An Edutainment Game for Jawi - Proceedings of Seminar Jawi Serantau 2012

6. Correlation Between Mathematics and Programming: Part 1 - Proceedings of Regional Conference on Knowledge Integration in ICT 2010

Membership in professional societies:

1. Internet Society - Member (2190431)

2. Malaysian Software Testing Qualification Board - Member (0752/11)


He obtained his BSc (Information Study) in 2000 from Universiti Teknologi MARA, his MSc (Computer Science) in 2004 from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information System, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and his PhD at Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 2017 with MARA Sponsorship. Once completing his PhD, he worked at industry for 2 years (2017 -2018) as Senior Java Programmer and Analyst before joined UCSI University as a Lecturer in December 2018 until July 2020. Currently, he is working at University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UniMy) as a Senior Lecturer for Computer Science and Software Engineering programmes.