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Read thoroughly the information and instructions in Graduand Checklist.

Frequently asked questions

As parents are not allowed to enter the hall, which is a bit disappointing, will UniMy consider setting up live streaming for the convocation event so that our parents can watch the ceremony from their mobile device?

We are happy to announce that there will be live streaming through UNIMY Facebook during the event. Hope your parents get to enjoy the proud moment even though virtually.

As we are aware, UNIMY Students come from different places around the country. Parents may need to travel from other states to send their children to attend the convocation. We understand that the concern for UNIMY to make such a clause is due to the current pandemic situation, therefore to lower down the risk, we would suggest UNIMY to impose the same rule for parents and graduates - both parents and graduates must be fully vaccinated and complete the Covid-19 RTK test 2 days before the ceremony. We hope that at least, UNIMY can tolerate allowing either one of the parents to attend the ceremony. Since this may be a once in a lifetime experience for us, we are very hopeful that UNIMY would consider our suggestion and request and amend the said clause.

We are now in the midst of deliberating the request and will revert to all graduands on this matter ASAP.

UNIMY has given quite short notice for the convocation date. It is already causing difficulties for some of us to attend given that the ceremony will be held in the middle of the working week. Not only that, we are only given 1 week to pay for the costly graduation fees. RM450 is a big amount and therefore, it would be really great if UNIMY could give us more time to prepare money for the graduation fees and extend the payment period till the end of this month. Since the convocation announcement has been made quite late, we hope that UNIMY can be more tolerant when collecting the graduation fees. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we request the committees to review this payment period and give more empathy to those who are struggling to pay the fees.

We understand the predicament that you are going through. Finance is part of the graduand invitation team. As such, should you have any issues with the payment of the convocation fees, the team would be more than happy to assist on this matter.

It is stated that the robe is to be returned on the same day itself. However, given that parents are not allowed into the venue, I would like to ask if there's a possibility for the rental of the robe to be extended to at least a week to allow for parents as well as the rest of the family to have the opportunity to take family graduation photos at their own preferred time.

With the current situation (Covid19), the graduate robe vendor has implemented a new SOP in which all robes can only be collected before the event and to be returned right after the event. This is to ensure that the robe is not taken anywhere where there is a high chance of contracting the virus.

However, there is a mobile photo studio provided (with additional charges imposed by the vendor) for the graduands who wish to have photo session.

  1. Photoshoot (wearing robe) is ONLY allowed in the Cyberview Resort and Spa vicinity.
  2. Convocation gown should be returned to vendor by 2pm on the convocation day.
  3. Photoshoot with parents/guests is allowed (fulfilling requirement in item 1 and 2)

I would just like to inquire that in the event if one were to choose to not attend/rsvp for the convocation, are we still required to pay the full RM450 convocation fees or if there is an alternative amount needed to be paid.

For non-attendance, graduands are required to pay a total of RM200 and this will include:

  • Certificate + Certificate Folder
  • Official Transcript
  • Completion Letter
  • UNIMY Flask
  • UNIMY Face Mask
  • UNIMY Car stickers
  • UNIMY Convocation Programme Book
  • Postage

The prices states are not transparent. UNIMY just put RM450 for a package that consists of several items but we do not know how much each item costs.

Please find below the breakdown of the convocation package:

  • Rental of graduate gown with mortarboard (1 set)
  • Photos & Video Filming:
  1. SP0810 - Stage Photo - 8" x 10" Full Pose (1 pc)
  2. SP1114 - Stage Photo 11" x 14" Full Pose (1pc)
  3. CDSSP01 – Stage Photo Softcopy by Email (1 unit)
  4. PS01 – Postage Service within Malaysia (1 unit)
  • Convocation Souvenirs, Graduate Documents, Certificate Folder (1 set)
  • F & B and Venue (borne by UNIMY) (1 set)


I am emailing to ask regarding the RTK-AG testing that is required for graduands to complete in order to attend the upcoming convocation. Some of us are confused as to whether or not we are allowed to do said test using the saliva test kits that can be bought from the pharmacy. We would really appreciate your swift respond to this as some of us may need to apply for work and study leave, as well as arrange for an appointment at the clinic.

Kindly be informed that the RTK-Ag Test (Rapid Test Kit- Antigen Test) required is only using the saliva test kits which can be bought from any pharmacy.

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