Incubation Centre

UNIMY’s vision is to create the most popular University Startup Incubation in Malaysia where it aims to provide an environment and a whole new startup ecosystem that attracts young cyberpreneurs and empowers them to become future tech leaders.

The Incubation Centre provides the following services:

  • A platform where ideas can be nurtured into viable business
  • Expert mentoring
  • Find initial funds and networking

Incubation Centre
  • To create an ecosystem for technology startup
  • To provide a variety of resources such as shared premises, business advice, technical hands-on, networking and mentoring for young cyberpreneurs
  • To be a centre of commercialisation for students' projects
Collaboration & Exposure

Students will attend several workshops during their second year of their degree studies.

In a series of workshops, students generate ideas, conduct market research and find the real problem from different disciplines such as Marketing, Health, Tourism, Hospitality, and many others.

Each idea is evaluated by UNIMY industry partners.

Mentored by academic and industry supervisors.

Upon finishing the project, students will participate in several competitions such as ITEX, MTE, APPICTA, PECIPTA and others.

Opportunity to pitch their ideas to angel investors or funding agencies to be supported as a startup.

The startup company will be under UNIMY’s Incubation Centre, wherein UNIMY is a shareholder of the company. Ninety percent of the company’s shares belong to the students.

Students work through a business concept in the Student Business Lab, get involved with startups, and take part in competitions and conferences for entrepreneurs.

Participants in the Incubation Programme will learn valuable lessons in entrepreneurial management as well as find financing from incubator companies in modern office spaces with fully permitted labs that include a wide range of technical equipment and engineering resources.

Accelerate the process of business creation through an experiential-based programme, producing either investment-ready firms or ready-to-go revenue-generating entities.

Helps science and technology companies grow with a student patent programme, intellectual property commercialisation, help from business advisors, and funding recommendations. Focuses on next-gen technology and adaptable business models, growing businesses in digital media, cleantech, and even social media and mobile apps into real-life successful startups.

Incubation Centre
Incubation Period
  • Beginning of the third year
  • First semester: Work on the idea, research, and methodology
  • Second semester: Develop the application
  • Middle of second semester: Pitch idea to industry panel
  • Passes industry evaluation: Enters Incubation Centre to move further
  • End of final presentation: Create startup under incubation supervision and independently start the business