Industrial Visit to Fusionex

at Fusionex , 6 Aug 2018
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An industrial visit to Fusionex was recently organised by the UNIMY Data Science Society (UDSS) on Monday, 25th June 2018. A total of 24 students with two lecturers from UNIMY had joined in the industrial visit. The aim of the visit is to enable students to gain insights from Fusionex, a multi-award winning leading software solutions provider specialising in Big Data Analytics (BDA), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Upon arrival at Fusionex office in Petaling Jaya, the group was welcomed by Mr Tan Sean Khong, Senior Manager, and few representatives from the HR department. The group then proceeded to office tour, where the students are amazed at the creative and comfortable working environment provided for staffs. Many facilities are included inside Fusionex’s office such as meeting room, auditorium, pantry, gym, rest area, dining area, game room, nap room and a karaoke or AV room too! The office was designed by Fusionex’s staffs, with the main theme revolves around world-famous superheroes – Iron-Man, Superman, Fantastic Fours, Thor, Wonder Woman and many more.  Each meeting room has different wallpaper to indicate a superhero, and some superhero characters can be seen in the office.

After the office tour, Mr Gan Chun Yee - a solution architect and data analyst gave a talk on data analytics. He started by introducing Fusionex, which is a home-grown company that specialises in Big Data Management, Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence. Mr Gan shared that the company has approximately 1PB data, and they provide data analysis solutions to their clients. He also explained the four types of data analytics, namely descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics.

The talk continued by a talent manager, who gave further information about internship and the working environment in Fusionex. She stated that the company’s name, Fusionex, actually reflects their 8 core values – (F) Faith, (U) Unity, (S) Success, (I) Inspiration, (O) Optimism, (N) Nobility, (E) Experience and (X) Xcellent. After the talks, the students were invited to the dining room for lunch and networking session. Through the visit, students from the Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Engineering programme has indeed gained meaningful experiences and knowledge. Not only did they got to saw the coolest office, they also got the chance to learned from the coolest people in Fusionex!

(by UNIMY)