Academic Partners :
Local / International

Background and Purpose

The University has embarked on initiatives with external partners locally and internationally with the purpose of:

Making UNIMY as a pathway for students from partner institutions to continue studying at degree/postgraduate level.

To provide opportunity for UNIMY students to articulate and graduate from overseas institutions.

To jointly offer programmes.

Branding of UNIMY internationally while attracting international students to study at UNIMY and to source for opportunity for UNIMY to collaborate with institution overseas through franchise or offshore programme.

Local Collaborators and
International Collaborators

Polytechnics in Terengganu

Local Collaborations

MOU signed on 9 November 2020.

1. Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Dungun
2. Politeknik Besut
3. Politeknik Kuala Terengganu

Type of Collaboration:
1) Staff training
2) Articulation to degree for Polytechnic graduates
3) Short-courses for students and staff

KITAB, Pulau Pinang

Local Collaborations

Kolej Islam Teknologi Antarabangsa (KITAB), Pulau Pinang

MOU finalised and signing in January 2021.

1. UNIMY to deliver two (2) short courses in ICT to KITAB students and graduates and award certificate.
2. Credit exemption and articulation for KITAB graduates continuing studies at UNIMY

Ainon Business School (ABS)

Local Collaborations

Collaborative Agreement finalised and signing through virtual ceremony on 11 January 2021.

Join offering of Executive Bachelor in Digital Business.

Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (JTM)

Local Collaborations

Jabatan Tenaga Manusia (JTM), Kementerian Sumber Manusia

MOU signed in March 2021.

1. JTM staff furthering studies at UNIMY
2. Articulation of graduates of JTM Institutes and Colleges (JMTI, ADTECH, ILP) for bachelor degree programmes at UNIMY

Innovative International College (IIC)

Local Collaborations

MOU signed in April 2021.

Articulation programme for IIC students to UNIMY BCS and BSE (Credit exemption, 1 year at IIC and final year at UNIMY)

Kiara College (KC), Kota Kinabalu

Local Collaboration

Kiara College (KC), Kota Kinabalu

Signed in May2021.

UNIMY window in Sabah. To establish UNIMY learning centre at Kiara College and enabling Kiara College Diploma graduates to continue into UNIMY bachelor programmes.

Lithan Academy Sdn Bhd.

Local Collaboration

Signed in May 2021.

UNIMY to offer the following International Programmes:
1. International Foundation in IT and Digital Business.
2. Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Business and Software Engineering.

Kompas International College

Local Collaborations | Setting-Up Of Learning Centres

Signed in July 2021.

1. UNIMY window in Perak through learning centre in Ipoh.
2. Articulation of Kompas Diploma graduates to study at UNIMY.
3. UNIMY Centre in China
4. Application for Peneraju funding for short courses and trainings.


Local Collaborations | Pathway To UNIMY

Kolej UNITI, Port Dickson and Kota Bharu

Appointment as referrer with commission for each student admitted to UNIMY.

Appointed the college as referrer for admission of their diploma graduates to bachelor degree at UNIMY

International Islamic College (IIC)

Local Collaborations | Pathway To UNIMY

Signed on April 2021.

Articulation of IIC diploma graduates to study at UNIMY.

Kolej Professional Baitulmal

Local Collaborations | Pathway to UNIMY

Agreement signed in 2019 – implementation stage. Received 7 nominations for zakat.

1. Articulation of Diploma graduates to study at UNIMY under zakat funding.
2. Certificate courses for UNIMY students.

SATT College

Local Collaborations | Pathway To UNIMY

SATT College, Kuching Sarawak

MOA signed in May 2021.

Appointment of SATT College as Learning Centre.

IEG Academy Sdn Bhd

Local Collaborations | Pathway To UNIMY

Collaboration Agreement signed on August 2021.

Appointment of IEG Academy as Learning Centre


International Collaborations

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SIIT)

In discussion to identify dates and topics.

Join Webinar and Workshop in IT

Embassy of Palestine

International Collaborations

Received three postgraduate students – 2 on scholarship and 1 appointed as GA.

1. Intake of students from Palestine.
2. To link UNIMY with institutions in Palestine that are interested in UNIMY Franchise or off-shore programmes

Shaanxi Institute of Technology

Fine Artist

Shaanxi Institute of Technology, China

MOU signed on 2 November 2020

Academic and Research Collaboration

Ningbo Second Technician College

International Collaborations

Ningbo Second Technician College, China

MOU signed on April 2021.

1. Exchange of Students/ Scholars
2. Study abroad and short-term study tours
3. Secondary vocational school to undergraduate programmes

Embassy of Tajikistan

International Collaborations

Signed agreement with Kulob State University in May 2021.

1. Intake of students from Tajikistan.
2. To link UNIMY with institutions in Tajikistan that are interested in UNIMY Franchise or off-shore programmes


Front-end Developer

Institute of Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Service (ITPS) , Tajikistan

MOU signed on July 2021.

1. Exchange of Faculty Members/ Students/Programmes
2. Staff trainings
3. Development of English courses

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